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I was driving down the street one afternoon and just happen to glance and see this guy riding his back down the street.. and which everway the 2×4 started to point.. that is the direction he turned.. I HAD to turn around at this point.. Such an amazing talent..
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I have a place in my heart for people who live on the street in a photography stand point.. People who live in the street have so much to say without saying a word just in their facial expressions.. I snapped this random guy at Record Store Day 2013 while shooting for Daddy Kool Records in St.Petersburg, Florida. I just love it!

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Here is a set that I never got around to posting.. A huge client for me is Fit for Fashion.. an AMAZING Boot Camp style Gym ran out of St. Petersburg Florida. Go check them out if you need a good motivational place to work out and get your butt kicked! Back on track with some of Rebecca’s clients from the gym.. Such an amazing group to work with..

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